8 signs that He is the one to marry – Husband material

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The major challenge against many girls is to decide “how to know if he is the one to marry? Are you also going through this stage of life where your decision of a life partner will decide your entire future?

There are many aspects which girls look for in a guy like power, money, a classy personality like a star, loyalty, excellent reputation, kind-hearted, hard-working, good post, and many more.

Once you start with any relationship, you will start to feel millions of butterflies in your stomach. But with time, they soon will begin to fade away. And all these will further confuse you to decide if he is really the one to marry?

The question persists in your mind, is he really the person you are looking for? Will he able to turn your life, in reality, you always fantasized about? Is he going to fulfill all your needs?

He is the one

There are varieties of factors you must check in your potential partner. It is not a simple test to consider how long your relationship stays. You have to consider many other factors that will assist you in gauge long-lasting courtship.

The article we bring you today will help you in deciding to choose your partner.

Ways to determine Is he is the one to marry? 

Your values

Before getting into any relationship, it is essential to have a conversation on your values like spirituality, family, growth, profession, and health. It will ensure that you and your potential partner are on the same line leading to the long-term.

While testing for your significant partner, you can have a conversation with him on actual meetings, calls, messages on social media applications, or dating apps.

Make sure, in any relationship, you should not agree on all little things like your favourite popcorn. But in case of deep values like commitment, kids in the future, etc, you have to reconsider whether your relationship can last into the future?

He is the one


The most important key in any long-term relationship is trust. If you trust him that he is the guy who can run your errands for you, then don’t waste your time judging him.

This might sound small, but really think about it, the guy who takes care of your little things, helps you carry some hot or heavy items, keep you on the safe side while walking on the road, pick up grocery items that you forget, or grab the laundry is actual marriage material.


If you or your partner rely on each other for their regular needs, this is not a good sign. For long term courtship, there is a requirement of mutual support and care-taking. But if mutual supports begin to become unbalanced toward one partner, it means the trouble down the line.

In other words, we can say, if your partner relies entirely on you for his regular needs, then avoid getting in any future planning with him.


Don’t take healthy conflicts in a negative way. It is impossible to neglect disagreement and conflicts in any relationship. When you both are handling things maturely, it is a healthy sign that you and your partner are leading in a healthy relationship. It is proof that both of you are having proper communication and are expressing feelings appropriately.

He is the one

You don’t need to pretend against him.

In everyone’s life, there are both good days and bad days. If he understands you and doesn’t expect you to change, then he is the one to marry.

You love his company

At the end of the day, if you wish to be with him, then he is the one. Even at the end of a really bad day, you badly want to be in his arm and share your day means he is perfect marriage material.

You both have the same idea of romance.

Sometimes you want to be part of twilight or wish to have romance on the moon and love buzzing around. If you don’t feel shy to share your definition of romance and he works to make that happen, go for him. 

If you and he both don’t feel shy to share kinks then you are heading in a successful relationship.

The attraction is palpable

Are you and your partner both compatible on a physical, mental, and emotional level? Do you have strong chemistry that can block anything else? Do you people love more then you fight? If your answer is yes for all the above, then he is the one perfect for you.

Final words

If all the above facts fit perfectly in your relationship, then your search for a perfect partner completes here. If you still looking for a potential partner, you can take help from dating apps like Pexplore.


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