Romance in Lockdown? Learn the secrets here that no one tells you!

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Probably the thought of romance in lockdown is not even crossing our minds as we are stuck in this extremely difficult situation. Every one of us is suffering from stress, so being romantic at this time seems impossible. But, we need to give it a thought nevertheless and keep the romance alive in this lockdown. It can even literally resolve all our mental issues whilst we are stuck in our homes.

Yes, we have to prioritize the safety of our loved ones and us before anything else. Also, we have to strategize life after lockdown. I get all that. But, why are you sacrificing your love life?

After all, love is what has supported us for so many years through our many failures, tensions, and frustrations. And, these problems are going to be more prevalent after lockdown if we do not make an effort to keep the romance alive in this lockdown. It is important for us to keep alive these relationships and make our partner feel loved and important.

Let us discuss a few ideas that can help us to be strong in these tough times to design a more beautiful future together.


Romance in lockdown

Social Distancing at Home

You are probably more accustomed to spending the evenings only with your partner. But now, you have to spend weeks with him/her without a break. It is normal to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Especially, when you are busy thinking about your strategy of professional life after lockdown. A single disturbance could make you angry.

So, the best way to prevent these kinds of situations is giving alone time to everyone in the house. You can fix a few hours for yourself in a room while your partner spends a few hours of his/her time in another room. In this way, both of you would be able to give space to one another.


Keep Flirting

Yeah, don’t get me wrong! I mean with your partner, LOL! You can ignite the fire again as you did in the past. Lockdown didn’t ask you to be serious all the time. Instead, it is giving you the time to be passionate again. None of us had this time before as we were so busy with our responsibilities and work. And, that lifestyle might have made your love life boring. But, these lockdown days are an opportunity to polish your flirting skills again.

And, don’t you want to experience the euphoria of falling in love, again? So, this is the time to bring back those euphoric times from your past to your present-day life. And, fall all over in love again with your partner. It would be a rejuvenating experience and help you keep the romance alive in this lockdown. After all, it is not said in vain by the kings of romance that “Body ages but heart remains young”.


Talk More

No, not through social media platforms but you should sit together with your partner face to face to share your doubts and feelings. Remember the person next to you is the one who shared all your experiences of life, whether good or bad. And now as well, he/she is the one who would love to hear about all your feelings, and share his/her feelings with you. Hopefully, you didn’t forget the famous saying “Sharing is Caring”. All of us need to take it all out to make space for more positivity. And, who can better handle these doubts and feelings than your partner?

You should keep alive the romance in lockdown to prevent your decisions from being clouded with negative thoughts. And, talking is the best way for us to know more about our partner. After all, we all were so busy with the professional and social lives that we know less about each other than we knew before. This is the right time for you to know more about your partner and, understand his/her daily sacrifices and battles.


Ask for help

Many of us often forget that our partner is our friend as well. This tendency of ours to not ask for help from our partners results from our ego and lack of conversation with him/her on a daily basis. We forgot how we used to ask for each other’s help without hesitance in previous years. Now is the right time to correct this mindset of ours. You can cook together, clean the house together, watch movies together, and play some indoor games together as well. All these activities you do would be crucial for deepening the bond you share with your partner.

Remember your understanding of each other is crucial for reigniting romance in lockdown. And, why not we use this time to be more available for each other? There is no sensible reason to not be available for our partner in these times. So, make the move, show your love and respect, and deepen the bond for a brighter future together.


Prioritize the relationship

We have nothing to do right now. We are stuck in our homes. And, this might be the right time for us to express our gratitude towards our partner. We never got the chance to do this but now is the time when we are not only under lockdown but also physically close to each other more than ever. You can turn this, physically close to each other, into mentally close to each other as well. You shouldn’t waste these few lucky days and, make use of it to make sure that your love life lasts forever. Remember you are with the one person you chose to spend your entire life with. Cherish the opportunity by coming closer to each other now.


Now, a fun idea for the Singles

Yeah, I hear your question. What should a single person do for romance in lockdown days? If you are single, you can make use of this time to find the right partner for you. The market is flooded with many dating apps, but I will suggest you one app that combines the features of all of the apps into one app and even more!

The app I am talking about is Pexplore.

Find the right mate for you by downloading the app on your phones now. After all, romance is of the utmost importance for our survival. The app is perfect to play the game of flirting and winning the heart of a special someone for life. And, what’s more? You even get an instant notification enabling you to find nearby dates!


Final Words

Reigniting the fire of romance in lockdown would shield us from the challenging days ahead. A deeper link between your partner and you is also crucial to face the challenges after lockdown. We should gear up instantly to use this time in a better way. In the end, nothing lasts forever except love and care.

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