7 Tricks to Impress a Girl Online & Mistakes You Might be Making!

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You can find several tricks to impress a girl online on the internet. But, few of them are effective!
Do you know there are some tactics used by some online dating experts which they do not share with anyone? In this article, I will share with you precisely those tricks.

impress a girl online

The dating apps play a primal role in helping us to find someone we like. And, often, it isn’t easy to impress them when you have only words to explain. However, it might be a difficult task for us but indeed not an impossible task.
So, let me tell you 7 of the most effective tricks to impress a girl online that is fruitful, but no one shares with you.



7 Tricks to Impress a Girl Online


  1. Be decisive

impress a girl online

Do not hesitate to start chatting as soon as you find someone that interests you.

Moreover, sending an annoying message like “hi” is more likely to be turned down by the girl. And, appreciating her looks in the profile picture is also not going to work for you.

You can dig deeper and read her entire profile. There you can find many things like books of her interests, movies, or her thoughts about dating online. It would help if you went for one of this information and, use them as a tool to start the conversation. For example, you can appreciate her love for pets in the first message only.


  1. Send stickers and emojis

Be very careful in selecting the sticker or emoji you want to send with your first message. Especially, avoid those that contain heart signs.

You should remember that you appreciate one of her qualities or interests, not fallen in love with her profile picture. So, send some appropriate sticker or emoji to support your message. And, one that shows her that you are interested in chatting with her.

A common mistake of boys is that sometimes they become proactive and start appreciating the beauty, but girls are more likely to reply to your message if you understand her choices. So, it is useful for you to select an emoji or sticker or emoticon that supports your message not what you felt about her looks. That can come later!


  1. Select interesting topics

impress a girl online

Remember, you started the chat. Now that you have started chatting, you should be careful in choosing topics.

A girl would not appreciate it if you start talking about love in the initial stages and, try to know about her ex-boyfriends. She is more likely to start ignoring you if you choose this topic to talk. So, avoid it altogether.

It would help if you showed interest in knowing about places she went on holidays, or favourite food, favourite cuisine, etc. She should get the message that you are interested in knowing about her before you decide about her.

Also, always prevent talking about the family of her unless she picks the topic.


  1. Include humour


Everyone loves a person with a sense of good humour. And, girls are more likely to think positive about you if you can make her laugh through chat.

She would wonder how delightful you would be in person. So, include some jokes in the conversations.

However, be alert not to joke about something sensitive because it might hurt her feelings, and since you cannot see her face so you might not understand if she took it offensively. You should include humour in your talks on casual topics like if you are talking about some amusing incident that happened during her day. But, avoid fun when talking about serious incidents.


  1. Allow her to speak

However, it is not one of those mysterious tips to impress a girl online. But, it is a crucial tip that every boy should consider when talking with someone online.

Dating apps are indeed a great way to meet someone of interest, but an app cannot tell you real details about that person when you are the one who is only speaking. So, it is essential to let her talk.

Even quiet girls can become talkative when she met some interesting person. So, also if your girl is not very talkative then you should encourage her to talk more about her views and, you can ask about her day. If a girl is not replying too simply, then it could be a warning sign for you to back off. So, let her speak and pick the signals.


  1. Don’t lie


I cannot even begin to explain the significance of this point. Dating apps are designed for helping people to find a person to love. But, they are not intended for flirting when you already have a partner. Please do not try it with new girls just for fun.

Moreover, it is not appreciated if you lie around online. What if you’re passing your time, but the girl you are lying to about your achievements or profession or family becomes serious about you? So, always clearly tell them if you are there for friendship or finding a soul mate or for dating only. Don’t try dating apps to hurt the feelings of others.


  1. Stay positive but be patient.


One of the critical tips to impress a girl online is to stay positive all the time you are online. You should always look forward to finding someone even if you have spent some time on the app but did not find anyone.

Stay positive and keep searching. And, as soon as you get to talk with someone then be patient.

It is unattractive to girls when someone acts impatiently. Remember that it is an online platform, so patiently follow the strategy to impress a girl online.

Also, it is not advised to be impatient in showing your interest in her. It is fruitful to develop friendship, then impress her, and then only show your deeper interests.

And, please try to respond fast if you’re not genuinely busy. Girls hate sudden absences for an extended period. Do not do this, I repeat, DO NOT!


Final words

These seven tricks to impress a girl online are not only practical but also they are tried and tested by some of the successful boys who found their interests online. However, these tips are only available to those who purchase the membership of dating apps. But, the free dating app Pexplore offers you these tips without requiring you to make a purchase. Do check out the Pexplore blog and install the app now!

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