Planning honeymoon? Best honeymoon tips for you!

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Just had an exceptional marriage ceremony? You know that a perfect marriage ceremony should be followed by an ideal honeymoon. But planning a honeymoon can become tiresome as you already have spent a lot of time planning your marriage. That’s why today I will help you with some simple honeymoon tips to help you plan your honeymoon and make sure you make the most of it.

Honeymoon is your best chance to chill and freshen up, with the person you love with all your heart. Which place on earth do you intend to visit? Well, that’s for you to decide, but wherever it be you need to make sure that it would be memorable.

Plan your honeymoon such that it is the best and most memorable journey you have been on together. That does not mean it necessarily has to be very expensive, and you just need to make sure you spend quality and relaxing time together. The point of going on a honeymoon is to encourage togetherness and the love you share to make your relationship successful. Let’s get into the tips that will help you to make your honeymoon a great and happy time together.


Plan Your Honeymoon Before Time

It is best to plan your honeymoon a few months before your travel dates. It’s the best way to ensure you enjoy all of it. With a lot of time in hand, you can plan an in-budget honeymoon that does not miss the elements of an expensive one. Learn about a lot of popular honeymoon destinations, choose your favourites, and then decide the best one among them.

If you don’t plan your honeymoon beforehand, you may miss a lot of things that you might regret later. Moreover, in this way you can compare a lot of places to be explored, a lot of activities to participate in and pick out the best ones. Book tickets, hotels, etc. early and save yourself a lot of bucks. The main aim is to ensure that you don’t have to rush it, but rather have some time to ensure you spend the best time of your life.

Plan It Together

Planning a honeymoon should be a joint effort. While wedding plans can work out even if just one of you plans them, the honeymoon may not. You don’t want it to be all-tailored to your spouse’s desires. It’s time for both of you to put forth your passions and share your personal likes and dislikes to make the trip an everlasting memory.

Planning it together will give you more options to choose from- more destinations, more services, etc. to pick from and more activities to be involved in. Just trust me on this one and plan your honeymoon together, and you will have a much better trip.

Set Out At The Right Time

Make sure you choose the time that’s the best for both of you. Usually, people set out as soon as their marriage ceremony comes to an end. But it’s not necessary to do that. Nowadays, many couples opt for a mini-moon and save the real thing for later. You can sit back to relax a little if you feel tired after your marriage ceremony.

Also, it would help if you don’t push yourself or your spouse in this matter as maybe you or he/she can’t escape from work now. It’s for both of you to decide when you want to go for it and make the most of it. Honestly, if you don’t want a spoiled honeymoon, spend a good amount of time to decide upon the dates.

Set A Budget And An Extra Budget

Many couples cut on the honeymoon budget to meet the expenses of their marriage ceremonies. You indeed make lifelong memories at your wedding itself, but you make tons of memories on your honeymoon as well. Also, a typical honeymoon lasts for about 1-2 weeks, so planning a honeymoon is as important as planning the marriage, to make a memorable experience out of it.

Apart from the set expenses, you should budget around 20% more to cover the hidden costs. It includes tips, resort fees, airport transfers, etc. Make sure you include these costs as well to have a great trip.

Set Surprises

Well, you should not keep any secrets in your relationship. But, surprising is of course allowed! It is an important tip to follow if you want to make your honeymoon a lasting joy. Schedule some surprises for your spouse. You can take him/her for a special dinner or something that they don’t know about. This will make your honeymoon more romantic.

Plan your honeymoon in such a way that your spouse enjoys your surprises. You can go for full-day activities to get more into each other, or you can opt for pricey activities, whatever you two like. But it’s always better to surprise your spouse with something they would definitely like.

Let The Hotel Management Know You Are On Honeymoon

Your hotel should know that you are on honeymoon. This way, they will serve you better and make sure you have a good time. Most hotels will welcome you with flowers or chocolate at your arrival if they know it’s your honeymoon. It will make you feel more welcome. Also, make them aware of any special requests that you may have.

The Sex Part

The first thing I want to tell you is that honeymoon is not all about having good sex. Nevertheless, it surely is an essential element of it. Remember, good sex will bring you closer to your life partner. It’s not merely a physical activity but an emotional connection in itself.

Put forth your desires and let your partner know what you want. Be as romantic as possible and make sure to have some great sex to add to the love and the bond between you two. But don’t force yourself on your partner if he/she does not want it at the moment. Consent is important!

Final Words

There you have the best honeymoon tips ever. Follow them precisely and plan your honeymoon accordingly. It will surely be the best time of your life. Remember to keep yourself away from distractions (phones ruin the fun) on the honeymoon and live the moments to the fullest. For planning, the honeymoon doesn’t rely entirely on online tips but make sure to get some advice from couples who have already been on one.


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