Long distance Relationship – All you need to know about

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Long distance relationships are not a completely new trend. I must remind you that many have successfully survived long distance relationship, for example, military personnel. Nowadays, it has become easier to start and successfully survive this because of the Internet age.

However, every kind of relationship does need your attention and your care to be a successful relationship. Otherwise, you are likely to face problems. Starting this relationship is one thing but surviving it is an entirely different thing!


How to survive a long distance relationship?

Here, I would like to share some simple but very effective tips to survive it. These tips have worked effectively for a friend of mine and saved her relationship. And, I expect these tips to prove beneficial for your relationship as well. So, let’s discuss these tips in details.

survive a long distance relationship


  1. Avoid doubts

My friend had several doubts that were continually creating problems for her. She used to go on and on about them. For example, is it all worth it? Does he still feel the same way? etc. However, these doubts not only proved to be wrong but also made her do some unnecessary things which she regretted later. And, when she started to work out her doubts, she found that she was only being delusional.


Therefore, I would suggest you prevent your mind from lingering over negativity for no reason. Otherwise, it would result in unhappiness for you and your partner. So, strictly avoid doubting for no reason. And yes, do not try to find reasons so that you can justify your doubts to survive the long distance relationship of yours.


  1. Judge slowly – Clever tip to deal with long-distance relationships

Believe me, my friend learned this lesson after many hardships. And, it is still a work in progress. I have seen many who do not hesitate to judge everything, even if it is as simple as a clean kitchen top. It is a kind of mania or so I have come to believe. Judging results in relationship destruction and aftermath doubting. So, my suggestion is: DO NOT be so judgemental if you find a new guy’s/girl’s name in your partner’s FB’s friends’ list.


If you start to judge all the things he/she does, then you are more likely to actually destroy the relationship. Remember he/she is not only your partner but also your best friend. You should always give him/her space. And, if you find something that bothers you, then you can ask him/her directly like any normal person. And, if you are really upset about something then ask him/her to stop doing that. Do not be a judge by yourself without letting him/her know what’s bothering you. This tip is a life-saver if you want to survive a long distance relationship.


  1. Create a distance

Yes, I know what you are thinking! You already live far part so what does creating more distance mean? I mean the mental or communication distance between you and your partner. Even my friend realized that talking every day, or texting all the time was not helping her. Instead, this only made her more possessive and needy and made her rely on him totally to listen to her every detail. This behaviour created problems. So, they agreed on a solution to talk and text like a normal person to stay connected. And voila, romance was back in their lives.


So, I suggest you to not make a routine of talking for X number of times every day. Or, don’t keep texting your partner every now and then. I know you are away from your partner. But, at this time, you need to trust more than you need information. So, stay informed, be romantic, but do not let possessiveness enter your relationship. My friend learned this very late but you can use this tip now to survive the long distance relationship of yours.


  1. Change your perspective – Imp Tip to deal with long-distance relationships

To quote a famous saying, “Distance is not a problem. It’s an opportunity.”

Luckily, my friend maintained this perspective from the starting. Maybe this is why she was able to survive a long distance relationship. Most people like me have only heard and read about such a relationship and never had the first-hand experience. Nevertheless, it can be a life-changing experience for you. However, I did see many of my friends who were killing their relationships by themselves and, blaming it all on distance.


I would hate to see you make such a mistake. The distance can be more productive than staying together all the time. You only need to change your perspective. And, you should stop reacting so much to that fight you had with him/her over the phone. Remember everyone fights. Nothing should change because of that.

You can take it easy and think over it. It happened on the phone this time but you had fought in person before as well. And, you both resolved those fights. You need to apply the same rules here also.


  1. Keep track of schedules

My friend was so guilty of this. She often only remembered her schedules. Due to this fault, sometimes she had to face many awkward situations. It only resulted in unpleasant talks. So, she decided to face this new challenge and act on it. And, its resolution came with a simple yet very effective change. She started to keep track of his schedules along with hers.

long distance relationship

You should know when your partner would be busy. Disturbing your partner amidst work can be ignored a few times in the starting but if you keep doing it, you might face unpleasantness in the relationship. So, it is easier to survive a long distance relationship when you are keeping track of his/her schedules also.  


  1. Keep flirting

There is a need for more romantic ideas for long distance relationship couples. It was actually another lifesaver idea for my friend. And, its credit goes to her partner. That guy was and still is amazing in finding romantic things to do in a long distance relationship. I would suggest the same for you. Reignite the fire and start finding romantic things to do for your long distance boyfriend or girlfriend.

Final Words

A long distance relationship is a new experience for couples. However, it is completely opportune for youths to whom now the entire world is open for long-distance relationship via the dating apps. Pexplore dating app can help you find the right mate a long distance relationship. It has lots of options for youngsters. You should try this app for finding someone of your interest or, to survive a long distance relationship.


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