High protein cereal [Everything Explained]

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After a long fast of the whole night about 8-10 hours, here is time to break that fast. There are many types of food available at breakfast. Some people want to take a healthy morning breakfast, which has a rich protein source. There are many sources of high protein cereal options available. Some usually available sources are milk, soybean, peanuts, nuts, paneer, oats, daily, etc. If you are a non-vegetarian and love to take non-vegetarian food at breakfast, then the egg will be the best option. Many people take protein powder in the form of shake to take high protein.

High protein cereal is readily available or not.

Foods made from these items are readily available and can be availed from the kitchen. It is observed that most people don’t want to take non-vegetarian food in their breakfast. Always remember that your breakfast is incomplete without an apple. These foods should be added to the diet if you’re going to increase the protein intake in your body. These are very healthy foods. The budget cost is also not very much. If you are living a student life then also you can achieve it quite easily. Some people have a tendency that only high prices foods are beneficial.

This tendency is wrong. There are a lot of available items, which can be availed at a low cost. We know that every type of food item is available. Both are at a high cost and a low price. But it doesn’t need to be right always. We have a lot of food items which can be available quite cheaply or at minimum cost. We will cover those items which can be brought in low, and some are of the high price. It also depends on you which type of fitness you want. If you wish to a fitness level like a wrestler or professional, then there will be a difference in the budget. But today we will mention both types of food. There are some of the high protein breakfast items-

High protein cereal food sources –

Oats and soaked nuts –

It is one of the most famous foods and easy making recipes consisting of oats and nuts. These are some of the essential sources of protein. The oats can be made available within 5-10 minutes. The oats available in the market are ready to eat. You don’t do much. It can be made with milk, or even in water. It depends on you how would you want to take.

In the same way, nuts are also ready to be eaten as they are soaked. You can make either salad of it or may eat it a handful of along with raisin. The raisin will also provide essential nutrients to the body. A glass of milk would enhance it more if you had not taken the oats with milk.

Peanut butter and brown bread–

As we know that brown bread is made up of wheat flour, so it rich in protein. The brown bread is one of the high protein cereal items, especially when you are living a bachelor’s life. You may apply the butter on it. After using the butter, take some chopped banana over it. Trust me; this will give you a perfect food for your body requirement.

Protein salad – High protein breakfast

If you are a lover of eating soaked items, then this is for you. Take some soaked nuts, a handful of peanuts. Some chopped onions, chop a full tomato, some salt, and put lemon juice in this. The use of lemon juice will not only enhance the taste but also has the right amount of citric acid. The citric acid present in the lemon juice will help you to increase your immunity. Also, add some soya-seeds with it. Mix all of them well, and your super healthy protein salad is ready.

Raw paneer salad – Healthy morning breakfast

It is another item in the category of high protein cereal. Take a 100-gram slice of paneer and chop it in small cubes. Add some vegetables such as carrot, cucumber, tomato, soaked almond, and some soaked nuts. Mix them well. Garnish them with chat masala to add some flavor to it. Your high protein cereal is ready within 5-10 minutes.

Protein shake – High protein breakfast

If you want to take more protein rather than breakfast, then this for you. Take a glass of milk and add protein powder in it. Put two spoons of peanut butter and some chocolate powder in it. Mix them very well. You may also mix a banana in to enrich the protein and carbohydrates concentration. A banana will also help you in increasing your weight. Take some almonds and raisins in it. Put them in the grinder jar and grind them maximum up to 5 minutes. This is ready within 2-3 minutes.

Boiled chickens for healthy morning breakfast-

Chickens are one of the most important sources of protein in a non-vegetarian category. Boil some chicken breast in the pressure cooker and take in with adding the chaat masala and salt over it. The taste might not be much lovable, but it will be quite healthy. If you daily use to take chicken, then this will help you to maintain good health. It might hurt you in a matter of taste but will help you retain the right fitness level. When you are fond of going to the gym, this can play a vital role as it is a high protein source, and protein in helpful to make muscles.

So these are some of the food items which are available easily or can be prepared quickly. But while taking this, you must avoid some types of foods. These foods are quite attractive but give a significant threat to your health. Foods like Maggie, chow mean, pasta, and many other fast foods are a threat to your health.

High protein cereal for non-vegetarians- 

Boiled eggs for healthy morning breakfast–

It is one of the most lovable items of the non-vegetarian people. Just take 2-4 eggs (according to your diet) put them off in a jar. Put the pot on the stove and light it up. Put some water and boil the egg. It may take 10-15 minutes. Now take it out, remove the cover and mix some salt and put it on the plate. Your healthy morning breakfast is ready. If you also want to make some taste, then you can add chopped onions and chopped coriander leaves. It will enhance the flavor dramatically. If you are fatty, then remove the yellow part. A glass of milk with some gap will enhance this much. It can be taken after the regular family breakfast.

Some foods or habits which must be avoided-

⦁ Always try to ignore to eat out. If you are unable to ignore eating, you must make the right choice in the market according to the availability.

⦁ Avoid taking junk foods and fast foods. Mostly junk foods and fast foods are fat-rich and affect your health adversely. It may lead to some severe health issues.

Some habits which should be added-

⦁ Do regular work out. It will help you to maintain your fitness and also to remain energetic all over the day.

⦁ Maintain your water level. Always try to drink water according to your weight. Try to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily.

⦁ If possible, then use a cycle to go to your workplace. It will not only help to good health but also help to reduce the pollution level. Cycling also helps to reduce the chance of cardiac arrest by 45%.

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