Top 15 Dating Tips For Women No One Told You!

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Dating is not just a regular go-to-see someone. You date a person to explore their compatibility with you. And, that means you are looking for a life partner. And that’s obviously huge! Are you looking for some great dating tips for women or some amazing first date tips for women that actually work? Well, then you are just at the right stop.

You don’t need to bother yourself to learn any first date tips for women separately. As to be it your first or the hundredth, a date is a date. If you are the shy-type or new to dating, then I highly recommend you to follow these dating tips for women. Let’s have a look at them below.

15 Dating Tips For Women

There are tons of dating tips for women online, but very few of them are helpful. Here we will talk about the 15 easy-to-follow ones that will make the date a perfect piece of cake for you!

1. Be On Time:

This is the first thing you have to take care of. Don’t be late ever. Being on time is a matter of mutual respect. So, if you want to be taken seriously, then make sure to be there on time.

2. Be Yourself And Not Nervous:

Even if you forget the other dating tips for women, but girl, you need to remember this one, and you should be who you are. Don’t try to be some other person or the person you are not. You don’t have to cover-up anything about your personality. You are beautiful, just as you are!

A date is not meant to make you feel nervous or give you panic attacks either. Let him know who you truly are. This will significantly help you to find the perfect guy who will love you unconditionally.

3. Be A Lady:

This is the most important among the first date tips for women. You should enjoy your time, and don’t be afraid to open up on your date. Talk about anything you like but be polite. Show respect to the guy. Tell your part but also listen to him. Don’t interrupt him and let him admire you as well.

4. Don’t Rush: 

You really don’t want to do rush and end up with an undesirable outcome. Don’t offer your heart in the first meeting. It’s not a movie where the guy you love so dearly will sacrifice his life for you! Some guys who may seem to be perfect from the outside can be monstrous from the inside!

Take a good time to decide if he is perfect for you or not. This way, you will be able to avoid insecure and possessive men. I am sure you don’t want to end up in a joyless and sorrowful relationship. So, don’t just make a hasty decision about him, in one go. Take things slowly!

5. Know What He Wants:

You have to give him what he wants. I mean not necessarily physically but mentally. He should enjoy spending time with you and love being around you. I suggest you should treat him the way he will appreciate you more. Men don’t want much, just love him dearly and keep his trust. That’s enough.

6. Be Impressive:

Keep in mind that the first meeting is the most important one. First impressions matter! First date tips for women won’t help unless you first decide to leave a good first impression. If you don’t want the first date to be the last, then dress nice, wear a smile, and be a magnet!

7. Go With The Flow:

Give up your internal thoughts, instead focus on what the date is demanding. Stay active and respond to things accordingly. Most importantly, beware to avoid awkward situations if you don’t want to spoil the date.

8. Examine Carefully:

Cheerfully ask him about his opinions/feelings on things you want to know. This will help you to decide if he is the perfect fit for you quickly. Count the differences you share. But don’t make them the only criteria to select or reject him.

9. Watch Out For Red Flags:

Stay alert and look out for any signal that doesn’t feel quite right. If you feel he’s lying about himself and you know that for certain, you should definitely getaway. Obviously, you don’t want your relationship to turn into a lie-ship.

10. Be Emotionally Active:

You should be emotionally available for the person you are dating. Show them that you take them seriously, and are trying to get emotionally attached. Share your feelings heartily and admire his feelings as well.

11. Don’t Judge Unjustly:

This ranks high among the best first date tips for women. Avoid making suppositions based on his appearance. Don’t rush to judge him, instead spend some good time with him. A good relationship will take time to grow naturally, so don’t be hasty.

12. Take Care Of Your Body Language:

Your body language will impress him as much as your personality. So, remember to keep it natural but confident. Your posture should be good and attractive. You can try making eye contact to make him feel you are keenly into him.

13. Ask Questions:

You should not hesitate to ask any questions but take care that you are not annoying him with your questions. Ask him about his work and family. Ask him to tell you about his childhood and other things. It’s better if you already have some creative questions in mind for your first date.

14. Enjoy The Date:

How can you hope to be in a good relationship with the person if you are not enjoying the date? Even if you know a hundred dating tips for women, your date won’t have the desired outcome if you don’t live the moment to the fullest. Dating should be considered an exploration. So don’t limit yourself.

15. Deal With Rejection:

Maybe the outcome is unwanted, maybe he doesn’t feel a chemistry between the both of you, maybe he finds someone else a better match than you. It doesn’t mean that you should sit back and start worrying about it. It is an inevitable truth that many get rejected. So, if you, unfortunately, get rejected, don’t let it consume you. Instead, start exploring newer options!

Final Words

Dating is a fantastic experience and a better way to find a perfect life partner. Try these 15 dating tips for women to make sure you get the desired outcome. These are the best first date tips for women too if you are dating for the first time. But sometimes, when you face rejection, dating may seem intimidating. Don’t take it personally, rather use online dating apps like Pexplore to find you the perfect next date!


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