Secret in a relationship : Positive or negative?

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Do you ever feel guilty to keep any secret in a relationship? Today, via this article, we will see what kind of secrets in a relationship is okay.     

One of the HBO’s hit namely “Big Little Lies” describes how the whopper of a secret can affect one’s mental health. I guess there is rarely any person who doesn’t keep any secret. All of us have some of our little secrets from time to time.   

Sometimes it becomes difficult to decide when to disclose the truth and which time it’s better to keep our lips sealed. The condition becomes even worse when you are a part of any romantic relationship.        

If you are having a big secret in your mind related to infidelity. Keeping things secret in a relationship is always wrong. But sometimes it is required to seal your lip to protect your relationship. 

This article will make you understand what to divulge, and what you should keep a secret from your partner.

When to keep a secret in a relationship:

It’s okay if you don’t want to share your little gross habits or anything weird that you did during your college time.  

If you are not engaged in any emotional or physical relationship but have a habit of flirting with others. Then you can keep it secret to save your relationship. 

The behaviour like finding any other person attractive, memories related to your ex that doesn’t have any negative impact on your relationship. You need not share these feelings.  

But if there is a negative impact of any of your behaviour, then it is required to examine the reason that makes you engage in them. 

When not to keep a secret in a relationship

Extra physical affair

If you are part of any physical relationship that is opposite to platonic. Then you should reveal all the truth. Your extra affair not only hurts them mentally but also keeps them at risk for STDs. 

Any emotional affair

Having any extra emotional affair with a person other than a partner always leads to a lot of pain. But keeping it secret in a relationship can be even worse as it will fracture the backbone of your trust. 

Any history that may affect your relation

It is obvious that all will avoid coming in relation to a person having a history of cheating. Cheating itself has the potential to eat the trust in the relationship. If you ever had an affair, then you should first clear all your history before coming into a relationship. 

According to research also, lying about the infidelity is equally dangerous as infidelity itself. 

Also, if you have any medical history, it is a must to share it with your partner. 

Financial statement

It is definitely not compulsory to disclose every penny you spend. But it is a good idea to discuss big purchases and also about your savings.

The lying about savings and expenses is proved to have a negative impact and can also lead to unsuccessful relationships.


Today the young generation is facing struggles because of addiction. If you are also having any addiction or you had in your past, you must be open and honest. Addictions can be cured only with treatment, it requires support as well. Your partner must know about this struggle.  

Final words

You should not allow any secret in a relationship that can have a negative impact. I hope this article will help to remove all the misunderstandings and establish an ideal bond with your partner.

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