Extramarital affairs- Are They Right or wrong?

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Extramarital affairs or going behind your partner’s back is considered immoral in society. If we look closely, then it is more opted by those who have an escapist mindset.

Most of us either solve the problems in our married lives or decisions about what to do if problems remain unresolved. But, there are people who want to stay married but do not want to stay with one person, and they are the ones who opt for extramarital affairs.

In most of the cases, extramarital affairs are due to immoral psychology. Let us discuss more on this issue that is concaving our society nowadays.


What are the various types of extramarital affairs and why do people do it?

Extramarital affairs


There are primarily four types of mindsets that make someone cheat the partner. These four types and their respective pros and cons are mentioned below.


  1. Emotional Type

This type of cheating happens when one is not able to establish an emotional connection with the partner. However, going behind your partner’s back to talk to another person is as unpleasant as being physically involved with another person. Nevertheless, this type of cheating does not include any physical intimacy but only flirting, texting, and talking with another person the entire day. This may give you an exhilarating feeling, but it wouldn’t resolve any problem.




It is inappropriate to mention any use of cheating the partner. But, some people find it satiating their emotional feelings. Nevertheless, it does not involve any physical intimacy, so many may find it a moral way to cheat on their partner. Online platforms are commonly used for emotional type extramarital affairs.



It is not a solution to any of your problems. It feels satisfying, but it can never give you the emotional satisfaction that your partner can provide. There is more probability of your married life to fall apart, which would be more damaging to your children.


  1. Soulful type

Such a relationship is formed when you find someone else as appropriate as a soulmate. Most people who fall for this type of relationship find an intense connection with the person they are involved with. The worst thing about this type is that everything seems right in the starting.



This kind of relationship could satiate you deeply. And, it might fulfill your emotional as well as physical needs. The link might seem stronger than that you felt previously with your current partner.



It often leads one to leave the partner and walk away from his/her life. However, you might lose interest with the partner for whom you cheated while staying married. And if your relationship with this person also breaks, then it may scar your heart very deeply. Plus, you might feel helpless and lonelier, which could lead to psychological problems.


  1. Lustful type

This type of relationship could only happen if you develop strong sexual chemistry with someone and decide to act upon it. It happens only for lust. And, there is no other reason for this kind of relationship. You might be living a happy married life, which is perfect. But, you suddenly look at someone and get attracted to that someone only sexually.



Since this type of relationship is only developed due to lust. So, it may satiate you sexually and brings you to a state of euphoria. Also, you might discover a new balance in your emotions.



This type of relationship does not last for long. As soon as you are out of the euphoric state, you might feel distasteful about the person. There are many chances that your center of attraction might develop emotional attachment towards you. This may result in possessiveness towards you. And, you cannot stop meeting him/her because he/she knows the truth about you. You might lead a fearful life in which you are always trying to avoid the person. And, see that person as a threat to your marriage. In serious cases, another person may start blackmailing you for money and other things.

  1. Revenge type

This kind of relationship is conceived only when you are too resentful or angry toward your spouse. This kind of relationship is more prone to develop when you are failing consistently to attract the attention of your partner. This results in developing a relationship with someone else by going behind your partner’s back, so that, you can only feel that you are taking revenge from your partner by cheating on him/her.

Going behind your partner's back


This could be one of the most psychologically satisfying extramarital affairs for you to take revenge by cheating on your spouse. Also, you might find a little sexual satisfaction. And, it might help you keep going on with your married life.



It is a destructive type of relationship for you. You might feel good, but your conscience would be stirred as soon as you notice one good thing about your partner. Also, developing these kinds of relationships could attract a criminal mind. And, such a person may make videos and take photos of you to blackmail. Then, you will be stuck, and it is more likely to wreck your family life. It could lead you in a hopeless future without being able to find anyone supporting you emotionally. It is a devastating type of relationship for you.


Are Extramarital affairs right or wrong?

Extramarital affairs are very effective initially in resolving any issue in married life. The benefits of going behind your partner’s back only last for a few days to a few months. If you cannot change your mindset and temperament, then you cannot resolve anything. And, chances to resolve marital issues drop drastically when you take this inappropriate step. You might even fail to secure your future and make everyone upset, whether it is family or friends. No one is going to support you when you act unethically.

So, the answer is extramarital affairs are undoubtedly wrong. Going behind your partner’s back is unjustified, no matter what you might think.


Final Words

Extramarital affairs can indeed destroy your married life. And, going behind your partner’s back can ruin your future. You would have to face many hardships even when you resolve all the problems that arise after your wrongful deed. There are benefits involved in this deed. However, many do it for only a temporary solution. And this temporary solution never resolves anything in their life; instead, it arises many complications. So, it is more beneficial to avoid it in its entirety and focus more on resolving your marital problems in the right way with the help of friends and family.

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