Time To Break up With Your Girlfriend? 10 Questions To Ask Yourself!

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Are you in a complicated relationship? Has it become so tangled that you are unable to see a future for your relationship and often wonder if it is the right time to break up with your girlfriend? Let’s raise some crucial questions to help you decide if you should break up with your partner.


Why Break up? 

You know well that most people break up at some point in their lives. Breaking off from a committed relationship can be onerous. It can make you insane, lonely, and even suicidal.

The reason may be anything- you are fed up and cannot take it anymore, the person has got on your nerves, she cheated on you, or maybe the relationship is not working even though you’ve invested a reasonable amount of time in it. Breaking up is a real-life episode, and sometimes it becomes the need of the hour. Some people may need help to deal with severe emotional trauma after they break up.

Sometimes you need to let it all out and move on with your life. Just as leaving a toxic relationship is mandatory, so is deciding if you should give it one last try or let it all end. Your heart will always ask you to stay, but sometimes, it is better to leave than to stay and ruin your life. Ask these ten questions to yourself to know if it is the right time to break up.


Ten questions to ask yourself to know if it is the time to Break up With Your Girlfriend


Are You Satisfied With Your Girlfriend? 

This question is real. Are you pleased and content with your girlfriend? It doesn’t always mean physical contentment. Mental satisfaction is of the utmost importance. But, if you feel discontent and cannot connect with her emotionally, you need to admit it and question yourself. If you are not satisfied, don’t even think of giving it a chance. There are some people you don’t vibe with always, and it’s normal. Get out of the relationship right away if you have these feelings. If you try to give it some more time, it might only backfire and lead to nothing but more discontentment.


 Is Your Girlfriend abusive?

This is a severe issue. If your girlfriend is abusive, then you have no choice but to break up with your partner. No matter what, but this will eventually kill the love between you two. I have never seen a couple, with one or both of them abusive, live a delightful life. You have to put yourself first. A person who cannot respect you will never love you with all their heart. You have to understand this and move on as soon as possible.


Are Your Wants Being Met?

I have needs, and I am sure you have them too. A lifelong partner must fulfill promises and spend quality time with you. You love a person by all your heart and want attention from her side also. If you don’t get enough in return, then it possibly is the right time to break up with your girlfriend.


You Are In A ‘Con-ship’?

Do the cons of your relationship outweigh the pros? Compare the pros and cons you will face if you continue to date your partner. This way, you will know if you need to break up with your partner. Neither be a pessimist nor a hopeless optimistic but ask yourself if it is worth the effort you are putting in it.


What’s The Status Of Loyalty In Your Relation?

You cannot avoid this vital question. An honest relationship is key to a successful and happy life ahead together. Only a loyal couple can actually be expected to stay together. Loyalty is the essence that ultimately builds up a strong bond between the two partners by promoting trust in each other. You cannot expect a long, lasting relationship if loyalty is compromised as it will slowly diminish the other essential elements of love. So if your girlfriend is not loyal, it is always the right time to break up with your girlfriend!


 Is Your Girlfriend Avoiding Issues Rather Than Facing Them?

The ultimate motto in a relationship should be, whatever the matter might be, take it to the floor and get it resolved. If your girl does not communicate well and tends to escape from the issues you have in your relationship, then it might be the time to give a second thought to continuing the relationship. It might be the right time to break up with your girlfriend. For a successful relationship, you two need to share your dreams, feelings, and fears. Sometimes you may have arguments, and it’s natural, but they won’t murder your love as long as you can work the issues out. Otherwise, in the long run, this might get worse, and so, it is better to break up with your partner now.


Does Your Heart Feel Her Love?

If you are happy with her and enjoy the relationship, then only you should keep dating. Also, it’s usual for couples to be upset or argue at times. Sometimes, it’s you who annoys her. Sometimes, it might be her. You can learn some tips to improve your bond with her. If you consistently don’t feel loved, uncomfortable, or insufficient for her, you might want to break up with your partner, and the sooner it happens, the better it is for both of you.


What about Compatibility? 

This is a significant question to be answered. It usually gets difficult to hold onto a relation for long if you two are not compatible. Even if you manage to keep your relationship alive, your family or friends might not like the relationship. In cases like this, you must remember that both of you are dating, and no one else’s opinion should matter. But, if indeed, in the long run, you know you have to listen and be with a girl of your parent’s choice, then it is better if you end the relationship now! No use is watering a dead plant.


Are you tired? Time to break up with your girlfriend?

Sometimes all you want is a break from life. If your girlfriend is only posing problems for you, you might consider breaking up with her. It is nevertheless not an excellent reason to break up, and you should only do it if you are sure that she is the cause of all your problems and that you would be better off without her in your life. After breaking up, you can take a break and start looking for other people or try online dating.


Do You Have The Person You Dream Of? 

You should find in your partner a friend, a companion, a critic, and a healer. Her love should motivate you for good. Her passion can itself kill all the differences between you two. She should not require her model looks to make you love her. Instead, her love should speak for itself. If this is someone you dream of, then do not settle for anything less, and if your girlfriend doesn’t satisfy these criteria, you might want to break up with her.


Final Words

You probably don’t want to break up with your partner, and it’s better to look for other options to save it. But once you suffer emotionally, become very dependent, or lose confidence in your relationship, it might be the right time to break up with your girlfriend. Still, you should be optimistic and focus on the better future of your relationship. And try to save it as long as possible.

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