Get Over Someone You Love- Here’s How!

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I know it is difficult! I know you feel helpless and sad and depressed and demotivated. But, that’s why I am writing this article. Especially for you! This article is going to encompass everything that can help you get over someone you love. These days, heartbreaks are more common than any critical health issue. However, you still need to find ways to move on from your ex.

So, let us take a look at a few effective ways to move on from your ex but first we need to know why we get attached so much to someone.

This article is going to encompass everything that can help you get over someone you love. So, get ready for the best tips to help you move on from your ex!

First, do you know why we get attached to someone?

The brain of ours works with so many complex things that it can soothe as well as make you feel delirious. However, trying to get over someone you love can not be successful without first knowing the complexity of the mind’s working.

When you are attracted to someone, your mind releases a hormone that motivates you to make a move. When you start spending time with that special person, your brain releases chemicals like serotonin, which makes you feel happier and merrier.

If we put it simply, you are currently addicted to these chemicals released by the mind. And, your mind is craving for that person to be with you so that these chemicals can be released. Now, in this process, your mind is right now, releasing stress hormones that are making you think crazily about your ex-love. So, I am here to help you with getting over these cravings and calm your mind.


Tips to get over someone you love


  • Feel Your Emotions

Right now, you might be feeling the worst. You are constantly thinking about ex-love. But, as hard as it may sound, you should give up those thoughts and start feeling the emotions that overwhelm you.

In this way, you would be able to get rid of the negative emotions swallowing your heart and preventing you from moving on from your ex. It would help if you remembered that negativity is undoubtedly going to surround you, but you need to let go of these negative emotions.


  • The world is full of opportunities

Move on from your ex!

It would help if you genuinely believed that the world is full of opportunities to counter the current negative emotions. You are not going to get back the same person, but you can get someone better than you ex.

And, why do you need to compare your ex with someone else? After all, he/she was altogether a different person than you are going to find next. So, embrace the possibility of the fact that you are going to find someone who would appreciate your love.


  • Learn the lesson

It is not easy to get over someone you love just because only your mind wants it. But, remember you are the master of your mind. You can make it think about what went wrong and who should be blamed. And, when you get these answers, you are going to feel good definitely.

I am sure if the fault was yours, then you have learned the lesson and vowed not to repeat it. And, if the mistake was of your ex, then you can do nothing about this; instead, you can see to it that the next person does not do the same with you again. These more profound thoughts would prevent your brain from going against you. And leave the blame game as soon as possible because it does not help you to move on.


  • Love yourself

Move on from your ex!

It is time for self-care. In fact, it is the best time when you can care maximally for yourself. Your mind is craving for the calming hormones right now.

If you start to eat what you love, be playful, or exercise, then your mind cannot help but release the feel-good hormones. There is no better way of calming your mind than loving yourself and what you do. This is the perfect way to master the mind and prepare to move on from your ex.


  • Write down your feelings

Journaling is considered one of the most effective ways to maintain positive psychology. When you are absorbed in your mind’s games, it is best to pen down these feelings.

You would be surprised to see your writings because you would find some of the deepest feelings that you had, but you never knew. Sometimes journaling would help you resolve the emotions that you do not show to others.

So, pen down all your feelings at least once in a day to get over someone you love. It is also an efficacious way to make your mind release those calming hormones for which it is actually tricking you.


  • Meet people

Online dating apps have brought the world together. And, these apps can help you to move on from your ex. The internet is flooded with effective dating apps.

Moreover, people all over the world are using them to find someone of their interest. I’d recommend this app as it helps find your love nearby. Then, why should you not start your search through this effective approach? For who knows, your soulmate might be just near you! And perhaps use these tricks to find your love.

Now is the fruitful time to download a dating app and start searching for someone of your interest and get over someone you love. You know in your heart that if that someone loved you truly, then he would not have left you alone to live in misery. You should cheer up because the one who left you is doing just the same. It’s the circle of life. Remember they are not thinking about you, so, why should you? 

Final Words

The worst feeling in the world is what surrounding you right now. But, you should prove to yourself that you are powerful enough to tackle this situation. After all, life is full of ups and downs, and there is no escaping it. Then why not take this opportunity to make yourself stronger than your emotions and find someone who would appreciate your love and care.

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