Deal With A Breakup The Right Way – Do’s And Don’ts

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Heartbreak is a very emotionally vulnerable stage of our lives. It is so frustrating that people begin to look for tips online to deal with a breakup. Here, we will cover some very important steps or tips to recover from heartbreak.

It is quite better to deal with a breakup instead of trying to avoid it. You should know that dealing with this stage of life is far better than running away from it. You would find a new meaning to life. And feel more emotionally strengthened after you recover from heartbreak.

But, the important question to answer before mentioning the important tips to deal with a breakup is why you should not run away from it. Let us see why people try to avoid dealing with it and how to actually recover from heartbreak.


Why you should not avoid dealing with heartbreak?

Dealing with a breakup


You might feel more powerful by making yourself understand that you do not need any kind of recovery. Also, you could feel a false sense of superiority in dealing with emotional issues.

However, it is far from the truth. Heartbreak comes with a mix of emotions. And, negative emotions are more prevalent than positive emotions during this stage of life. After all, losing someone forever is equivalent to their death in our hearts. It brings in a lot of anxiety, stress, depression, and emotional trauma. This is the primary reason that you should not refrain to deal with a breakup.

There are many chances that avoiding could cause permanent damage to your psychology. So, you should try to deal with it. I have mentioned below some of the most effective tips that would help you to recover from it successfully.


Tips to deal with a breakup


  1. Start journaling

Journaling is one of the hugely advised tips to recover from heartbreak. It has surprising benefits. You are most likely to improve your emotional health just within a few days of starting journaling.

And, you would be amazed to find how easily you penned down the emotions that you do not intend to share with anyone. But, these emotions were the ones causing stress. And, writing emotions and feelings in a journal is just the same as talking to someone close to you. You would consequently start flourishing and improve your daily well-being in this manner while going through this extremely emotional stage.


  1. Self-care

It is another most important way to deal with a heartbreak. And, the emotional stage you are going through is causing a pain that only you can understand fully. Self-care and self-love at this stage are extremely crucial.

As soon as you start exercising, indulging in music or listening to songs, and eating the food you love to eat, your mood would be uplifted. Also, it would keep your mind busy and prevent you from over-thinking about your condition or your ex.


  1. Meditate

Yes, meditation is by far one of the most effective ways to relieve emotional traumas. Beware you are in the midst of an emotional hurricane, and improper meditation, in this case, could make you fall further into depression if you don’t do this properly.

If you have someone with experience who can guide you through the right ways of mediation, then it will be helpful. But, practising it by reading articles or, watching videos might give rise to another problem.

You can also start listening to soothing music with complete concentration and that would be very helpful in soothing the trauma.


  1. Learn from it

You might find it surprising that this stage potentially presents an opportunity to know yourself better. Your mind would normally start the blame game after a breakup. And, you would yourself blaming you more than the one who left you.

Instead of victimizing yourself, you can closely watch what went wrong and learn from it. You can also recognize the mistakes you and your partner made, which resulted in both of you ultimately splitting up. You can take a note of your mistakes and prepare yourself to not repeat it with someone else you meet. This will ultimately help you grow!


  1. Be patient

We know that physical trauma needs a certain amount of time to heal. But, a heartbreak is no less than a physical trauma and you need some time to recover from your heartbreak as well. And, in the game of recovery, patience is the key.

Deal with breakup by making peace with your past. You have to be willing to let go of all that has happened instead of constantly binding yourself to it. After all, you had no control over the circumstances that unfolded in your life. It is a life experience and you should not be too hard on yourself about the mistakes, whether it was you or your partner. Letting go is the best way to deal with a breakup. So, forgive yourself and forgive them.


  1. Do not give up

You are going through emotional trauma. But, you want to recover it and that means fixing a broken heart. And the best solution can be to find someone who can understand your loving and caring nature.

It is undoubtedly a fact that you will never meet someone exactly like your ex. But there is a greater probability that you might find someone even better. You should keep this attitude in mind and start searching for someone of your interest. Your experience from this emotional trauma has taught you so much that you are more likely to find someone better.


  1. Moving on is the end goal

You should acknowledge that what happened has happened and the only thing you can do is to move on. Realise that you can either take the long path of grieving for months and years or the short one of starting to deal with a breakup. You have to decide to move on one day, so it is better to take the decision as soon as possible.


Final words

You should be ready to be compassionate towards yourself while going through this difficult stage of life. And, you should accept that you cannot live with this grief forever.

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