9 Tips to Forget your past love [ Tried and trusted ]

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It’s never easy to forget your past love. Forgetting the one who once made your heart sing is very painful. Trust me; I can understand the pain of moving away from someone significant.

It seems like drowning in a dark sea of pain when you are passing from the phase of the break-up. The condition becomes even worse when you can’t figure out how to move on with your life. And I’d want to help you come out of your grief.   

I wish your pain of heartbreak to end soon. But like all other things on this planet, getting over heartbreak also takes its own time to heal. You should make your mind that he /she was just a phase in your life, and now they are gone.

Tips to forget your past love

Only your internal positivitydetermination, and power will help you to get out of the darkness of a romantic split. Herewith this article, I’ll try my best to help you get over your heartbreak.

Forget your past love

Create new memories to forget your past love:

Creating new memories will help you to get over the old ones. It will take time to forget the past love. But in the beginning, being reminded of your romantic moments will only make you feel nostalgic, regret, and sad. I recommend you to keep yourself busy in creating new memories.

Visiting places or doing activities that remind you of your love leads to more pain. So it is advised to avoid these things in the beginning.

The things that happened in the past can’t be changed. Reminding your past will only make you deprived of the fun and excitement. Spending time with the peoples that matters to you, and creating memories with them will help you to forget your past love. You can take pictures with your family and friend. Go out with them, enjoy fancy meals, and can do many other activities as a team.

Try to focus your inner spirit on meditation: 

Forget your past love

Meditation is always the best remedy to transfer your undivided attention from negativity to positivity. It is a fantastic way that helps you to get control over your feelings. 

Physical exercise:

This method will not only let you forget the past love but will also step you toward fitness. It is the best way to feel good after a lengthy period of a painful experience. 

Researches also proved that this method is not only cheap but the best way to boost moods and fight against clinical depression. Once you develop a habit of exercising daily, you will feel the changes and increase self-confidence. Exercise will make it easier for you to move on.

Explore more:

Another best way to forget your past love is by planning a trip. You can plan a trip to the place you always dream about. Go wherever you want that can be either hill, mountains, beaches, or any historical site.

If it is not possible to plan a trip outside your city, then going out and having fun in nearby cafes, games points, parks will relieve you. Because as much as you wallow indoors, more you will think about your past. The longer your mind gets preoccupied, the farther you get away from your pain.

Invest your time toward success:

The time after heartbreak is always painful. But you can utilize it positively. Focus more on your career. Give more time to your inner talent and try to improve them. Strive to be a prosperous and stable career person. Your steps toward success will also improve your self-worth.

Spend time with your old friend circle:

Someone has said truly that having friends will make it easy to forget the past bad experience. Being alone just after a breakup is never a good idea as it will depress you toward the negativity. 

Spending time with your old circle will make it easier for you to forget your past love. Your old friends know much about you, and only they can give you the best advice and comfort. Being with your old circle will make you feel good.

Sometimes it is not possible to meet your old bestie. In that case, I suggest connecting with them via phone calls, video calls, Skype chats, and other ways. Making new friends after a breakup will also relieve you of your pain. 

Make new friends:

To overcome the past relationship, opening yourself up to new friends is a great remedy. After the ending of a long relationship, it is good to swear off romance for some time. But after moving on, you should explore more and make new friends. 

You can find your new date via your intermediate friends or via some dating apps like Pexplore.  

Stop scrolling your ex:

Scrolling your ex’s profile on social media is only going to make you regret it. Instead of keeping eyes on your ex’s activities, reconnect with your old friends.

Get active and organized:

Take your time to recover from your past relationship. But after this, you should move on. Enjoy your independence as a fresh opportunity and think about the ways to improve your life.

Life has given you one more chance to earn success, make new friends, spend time with your loved ones, etc. Starting an organized life will make you feel good about yourself, and simultaneously you will feel yourself in a better position. 

You can now take more steps toward success by accepting new projects and assignments. Taking more responsibilities will keep you busy, and you will forget your past relationship. You can also spend more time improving your hobbies, like playing instruments, learning new languages, etc. 

Exploring new places and having fun with friends or family is another excellent way to forget the past love.  


It is not possible to forget the past love all of a sudden. Your memories with your ex will fade gradually. Take your time, follow the above advice, and move on.

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